Vonda Shepard - 100 Tears Away
 Vonda Shepard - Ask The Lonely
 Vonda Shepard - Baby, Don't You Break My Heart
 Vonda Shepard - Confetti
 Vonda Shepard - Crying

 Vonda Shepard - Home Again
 Vonda Shepard - Hooked On A Feeling
 Vonda Shepard - I Know Him By Heart
 Vonda Shepard - I Only Want To Be With You
 Vonda Shepard - It's In His Kiss
 Vonda Shepard - Maryland
 Vonda Shepard - Read Your Mind
 Vonda Shepard - Searchin' My Soul
 Vonda Shepard - Someday We'll Be Together
 Vonda Shepard - Someone You Use
 Vonda Shepard - Tell Him
 Vonda Shepard - The End Of The World
 Vonda Shepard - The Wildest Times Of The World
 Vonda Shepard - This Is Crazy Now
 Vonda Shepard - This Old Heart Of Mine
 Vonda Shepard - To Sir With Love
 Vonda Shepard - Vincent
 Vonda Shepard - Walk Away Renee
 Vonda Shepard - What Becomes of The Broken Hearts
 Vonda Shepard - Will You Marry Me
 Vonda Shepard - World Without Love
 Vonda Shepard - You Belong To Me
 Vonda Shepard & Dan Hill - Can't We Try
 Vonda Shepard & Robert Downey Jr. - Chances Are




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