Funky Broadway

  Every town I go in
There's a street
The name of the street now, baby
Funky, funky Broadway
Down on Broadway
There's a night club
Name of the night club
Funky Funky Broadway
Down on Broadway, yeah
There's a crowd
The name of the crowd, now baby,
The Broadway crowd
Down on Broadway, yeah,
There's a dance, huh
The name of the dance, now momma
Funky Funky Broadway
Ahhh! Huh!
You wiggle your legs now, baby
Shake your head
Do the Shing-A-Ling now, baby
Shake shake shake
You don't know, baby
You don't know now, woman
Do the Funky Broadway
Yeah, (yeah)
(sax solo)
Well, you got me feeling all right
She says
Dirty filthy Broadway,
Don't I like Broadway? No!
No way
Dirty, dirty Broadway
Oh huh
Down on Broadway,
There's a woman
Name of the woman, huh
Broadway woman, huh
Down on Broadway, huh
There's a man, huh, huh
Name of the man, huh
Broadway, man, man, man, man
Down on Broadway
Down on Broadway
Down on Broadway
Down on Broadway
...& fade








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