Formed Forest Hills, Queens, New York City, NY, USA
Occupations Singer- songwriters
Genre Rock, folk rock
Years Active 19571970
1975 (Saturday Night Live)
19811983 (reunion)
20032004 (reunion)
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano
Label(s) Columbia


The Duo Simon & Garfunkel  consists of:
  • Paul Simon born October 13th 1941 in Newark Heights New Jersey USA. A singer-songwriter, record producer, who sings, plays guitar,bass guitar and piano.
  • Art Ira Garfunkel born November 5th 1941 in Forest Hills, Queens, New York, USA. A singer-songwriter, actor who sings and plays guitar.


The dulcet harmonies of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel remain one of the more cherished sounds of the Sixties. The music made by the Forest Hills, New York, natives,they had met in the sixth grade, was fueled by a mutual love of early rock and roll and a search for inspiration beyond the conventional borders of folk and pop.  Between 1956 and 1962, the two had performed together using the alias Tom and Jerry, they recorded an Everly Brothers-style original ("Hey, Schoolgirl") that sold 150,000 copies

Between 1964 and 1970 they released 5 studio albums but although the two had been friends since childhood, personal differences tore them apart and they both embarked on solo careers in 1970. They reunited several time for live performances and tours but never released another album of new material.

  • Grammy Awards 1968 - Record of the Year (for "Mrs. Robinson")

  • Grammy Awards 1968 - Best Contemporary Pop Performance - Vocal Duo or Group (for "Mrs. Robinson")

  • Grammy Awards 1970 - Record of the Year (for "Bridge Over Troubled Water")

  • Grammy Awards 1970 - Album of the Year (for "Bridge Over Troubled Water")

  • BRIT Awards 1977 - Best International Album (of the past 25 years) (for"Bridge Over Troubled Water")

  • Grammy Awards 2003 - Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award

  • 1990 - Simon & Garfunkel inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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