I Gotta Know Now


Right now

Weíre sitting on top of the world  (all right)

Just me and you girl (Girl)

Everything is going our way (all right)

But I know thereís gonna come a day,

Baby gonna meet someone new ( oh yeah)

Heíll tell you that his love is true ( oh yeah)

You remember Iím your man when heís holding your hand

And I love you so

And I, (I)  I, (I)  gotta know


If his words are sweet & tender will your heart surrender

I gotta know, yeah right now

If he bought you something lace would he soon take my place

I gotta know, yeah right now

Iím not calling our love to attention ( oh yeah)

I just want to do whatís best ( oh yeah)

Either you will or you wonít so you do or you donít

Cause I love you so 

 And I, (I)  I, (I)  gotta know




One more thing

When Iím old and grey will you love me the same way

I gotta know, yeah right now

When my  trumps are down

Will you still be around

I gotta know,  yeah right now

No need in carrying on ÖÖ(oh yeah) 

If our loveÖ.. 

Will soon be gone ( oh yeah)

 If youíve turned and gone will I need ya so

 Tell me the truth  cause I

  I, (I)  I, (I)  gotta know , know


I, (I)  I, (I)  gotta know now  right now right now right now

 I, (I)  I, (I)  gotta know baby

 Whoa I gotta know baby

I, (I)  I, (I)  gotta know, now

Right Now Baby





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