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Artist Month Featured
Anka Paul 2009 - 3
Arena Tina Jan 08
Babyface May 08
Bachelors, The Dec 08
Backstreet Boys 2009 - 3
Baez Joan Aug 07
Beach Boys Jan 08
BoyZone 2009 - 4
Bread June 08
Buckinghams, The July 08
Byrd Tracy June 08
Campbell Glen Oct 2007
Carpenters, The Oct 2007
Clapton Eric Jan 08
Cole Nat King July 08
Como Perry 2009 - 2
Cooke Sam Sept 07

CCR ~ Creedence Clearwater Revival 

April 08
Croce Jim Sept 07
Cross Christopher May 08
Darin Bobby Aug 08
Davis Skeeter Dec 08
Day Doris Feb 08
Denver John Oct 2007
Diamond Neil Sept 07
Dion Celine May 08
Dixon Willie Aug 07
Dylan Bob Oct 2007


Nov 07
Enya Nov 08
Estefan Gloria 2009 - 4

Everly Brothers, The

Sept 07
Farnham John June 08
Fleetwood Mac Jan 08
Foreigner Aug 08
Frey Glenn Nov 07
Funk Brothers,The Sept 07
Goldsboro Bobby March 08
Guthrie Arlo Sept 07
Henley Don Nov 07

Herman's Hermits


Holly Buddy

March 08

Humperdinck Engelbert

Oct 2007


2009 - 1

James Sonny 

Feb 08
John Elton Nov 07
Jones Tom Nov 08
Joplin Janis Oct 2008
King Carole Nov 07
Loudermilk John D Jan 08
Lulu Nov 07
Mamas & Papas March 08
Manilow Barry 2010 - 1
Martin Dean Sept 07
Martino Al Dec 08
McCoy Neal Aug 08
McPhatter Clyde Feb 08
Milsap Ronnie 2009 - 4
Minogue Kylie July 08
Money Eddie Sept 08
Monkees, The 2009 - 2
Newton John Olivia Feb 08
O'Connor Des Sept 08
Pitney Gene Sept 08
P!NK 2009 - 2
Queen Aug 08
Rabbitt Eddie Nov 07
Reeves Jim  Feb 08
Richie Lionel Oct 2007
Righteous Brothers May 08
Rivers Johnny  Aug 07
Rolling Stones, The Dec 08
Ronstadt Linda Aug 08
Royal Billy Joe 2009 - 1
Sam & Dave Nov 08
Savage Garden Sept 08
Sedaka Neil Nov 07
Simon & Garfunkel March 08
Simon Carly 2009 - 3
Sinatra Frank April 08
Shepard Vonda 2010 - 1
Springfield Dusty 2009 - 1
Stevens Shakin' June 08
Stewart Rod April 08


March 08

Streisand Barbra

Sept 07

Taylor James

Nov 07

Three Dog Night Jan 08

Turner Tina

Sept 07

Twain Shania

April 08

Temptations, The

April 08

Urban Keith Oct 2008
U2 Oct 2008
Vee Bobby July 08
Vinton Bobby Jan 08
Warwick Dionne June 08


Nov 07

Wet Wet Wet Sept 08
Wilde Marty July 08
Yarbrough Glenn May 08



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