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Halloween graphics


Cast a Spell



Eric the Elf



Ghost Train



Mr Pumpkin Head



Hubble Bubble



Things Go Bump in the Night



Trick or Treat



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Vampire Disco






Wizards and Wands




TV & Movie Themes

  Dark Shadows






Terror Mix

Mike Myers




The Exorcist



The Addams Family



The Munsters


Twilight Zone


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TV & Movie Themes


Halloween Sound Effects



Annoying Witch Laugh

Bell Toll - 12 strikes

Cat Screeching and Wolf Howl

Chain Rattling with Ghost

Spooky Organ Music


Clock Strikes 12

(Grandfather Clock)


Wind And Rain

Crying - Sobbing


Scary Music Pipe Organ and Bassoon

Haunted House Sounds


Witches laughing


Thunder Storm


 Wolves Howling


Wolf Howl and Witch Laughing


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Sound Effects