These are things I have played around with over the years. Some of them are not very good but I have learned  from all of them and I hope have improved in the process.

This first section are little characters that I based on wall plaques my sister had made........

when I look back on them now I see how basic they were...

These are  photos of my sister's wall plaques:

They were made for children's bedrooms and were carved from fibreglass/ polystyrene type substance.



It was the above characters that I based my critters on:


This was part of the process for recreating the parrot

Kirby the Koala

I started by trying to make the koala furry

and then to have him doing different things

like Kirby The Surfer

Kirby the Snorkler

Then non furry Kirby which I think I preferred

Reading Kirby

Karate Kirby

Ellie Elephant

The next section is what I created using xara and following xara tutorials




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