Graphics depicting dancing throughout the  70s, 80s &  90s.

To the best of my knowledge, these graphics are considered "public domain". 

If this is not the case, please notify me and I will remove the graphic immediately.





70s dances included such dances as Disco, Street Hustle, Latin Hustle, Night Fever Line Dance, Bus Stop, Four Corners, Bump, Funky Chicken,  Funky Penguin,

In the 1980s  funky style dancing was the craze and it was fashionable to wear parachute pants, biker shorts or sweats. Dances included  Running Man, Roger Rabbit, Robo Cop, Cabbage Patch, Moonwalk, Funky Twist, New Kids Move, Break Dancing and of course Dirty Dancing   

 90s dances included  The Running Man, The Bogle, The Macarena, The Butterfly. Country music line dancing - Cotton Eye Joe and Boot Scootin' were also popular together with hip hop dances.

Not all dances are represented by these graphics.































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