Graphics, Gifs, animations, some collected, some I created using Xara tutorials as a guide 

and some just things I played around with.



Christmas Graphics 1:

Christmas headings, lights, dividers, candles, holly & bells

Christmas Graphics 2:

Christmas headings, angels, reindeer, stars, nativity, drummer boy

Christmas Graphics 3:

Winter Xmas graphics, Christmas trees, Aussie Xmas Graphics, Santa, Elves, Snowmen, Decorations

Dancing Graphics 1 Graphics depicting dancing throughout the 50s & 60s
Dancing Graphics 2 Graphics depicting dancing throughout the  70s, 80s &  90s.
Dancing Graphics 3:

Graphics depicting Ballet, Spanish Flamenco, Irish/Scottish, Hula and other dancers, dancing animals,  and objects.

Music Graphics: Graphics for music, instruments, buttons, musical notes
Halloween Graphics Halloween headings, witches, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, skeletons
Interesting Things Miscellaneous, sculptures, Foodscapes, Chalk Drawings
Optical Illusions Moving Optical Illusions, Can You See it,


To the best of my knowledge, these graphics are considered "public domain". 

If this is not the case, please notify me and I will remove the graphic immediately.


My Graphics

Critters,  examples of things created in xara tutorials


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